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Scent Description

All the Peels - Salt water taffy, kettle corn, baked apples, musky dried grapevines, sprigs of Rosemary and clove. Limited Edition

Another One Bites The Crust - Corn bread, kettle corn, caramel, pumpkin, warm spices cheesecake, and milk chocolate.

Avocado Marga-Tini - Top notes of peach, lemon and Juicy Lime. Middle notes of avocado, agave syrup and cilantro. Bottom notes of orange peel, tequila and salt.

Cocoa Nut - Chocolate, sugar crystals, hints of spice, butter, vanilla and coconut milk.

Darryl - Sweet citrus, apple blossom, musky woods, saffron flower, leather accord, patchouli and amber.

Kiss The Girl - Willow winds, grapefruit, rainfall mist, Sea Kelp, Oud Wood, Oak Moss, Patchouli and Indonesian Amber.

Livin On A Pear - Caramelized pear, sultry woods and rich musk

Lucky Clover - Lush notes of greens, carnations, roses, clover and just a wee hint of star anise. Topped off with a subtle whisper of musk and a dried twigs.

Main Street Sugared Treats - Abundant with fresh oranges, grapefruit, strawberries, ripe melon, peaches and kiwi.....sprinkled with a touch of sugar. 

Make My Daisy - Wild cherry, sweet strawberry, ripe raspberry, bergamot, Meyer lemon, buttery cake, crushed poppy seed and vanilla orchid.

Mallow Dramatic - Fluffy marshmallows, sweet fruity pebbles and fruit loop cereal.

Motunui- Sweet mixed berries, citrus, vanilla and sugary sweet cotton candy.

The Sweet Is On - Cotton candy and coconut milk.

Tranquili-Tea - Herbal Tea, blackberries and bartlett pear.

Under The Sea - Sun kissed citrus, melons, red berries blend with palm leaf, water lotus, pink jasmine, vanilla orchid and apple blossom.

Wine & Dine - A mouthwatering scent of a freshly baked cake with berries, almond, orange zest, and a dash of cinnamon.