Supernatural Family Business

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Scent Description

Baby - Motor oil, gasoline, stainless steel and woodsmoke.

Cherry On Wayward Son - Cherry Lifesavers.

Driver Picks The Music - Cinnamon, caramel apple, red currant, cranberry, citrus, cedarwood, butter pecan.

Heaven - Sun-kissed apple, pear, wild daisies, lily of the valley, pink peony, white peach and blonde woods.

Hell - Orange rind, rose, star anise, musk, clove, patchouli, caramel, brewed tea, lemon, apples and sumac.

Hey, Assbutt! - Vermont maple syrup and cocoa puffs.

Moose - Book Store and Palo Santo.

The Colt - Coastal waves, sparkling bergamot, sun-drenched musk and sweet & tart candy.

You Idjit - Tonka bean, sandalwood, buddha wood, espresso, whiskey and rose.