Magical Scents & Sounds Collab

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Small bags offered may not look exactly like the larger bags in shapes and colors. You can use ShopPay to split your payments up. Each wax varies from 2oz to 4oz. The Room Spray 2oz. 

Scent Descriptions


Carousel of Progress - Rootbeer and French Vanilla Creamer.
Dark Prince of Cookies - Double Chocolate Chip Cookie.
Drinks At Disney Springs - Pink watermelon mojito.
Foolish Mortal - Sandalwood, patchouli, bergamot, violet, eucalyptus, florals, vanilla and blond woods.
Hotel Lobby - Green Clover and Aloe.
The Poly - Watery notes, bamboo, orchids, pineapple and fresh garden greens.
Spaceship Earth - Red cedar, wood smoke, ozone, white tea, linen and vanilla.
Tower Of Terror - Teakwood, cardamom, sandalwood and black cherry.
Toy Story Land - Peanut butter cookies with grape jelly and green apple slices.
Soarin' Bundle
Orange - Orange Groves.
Blue - Waters of Fiji.
Green - African Grasslands.
White -  Taj Mahal Gardens.

Room Spray

Pirates Water - Salty sea air, pink sugar and fresh rose. 2oz.