Don't Worry, Be Hoppy!

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Scent Description

For Peeps Sake - Sweet Peeps marshmallow fluff.

Hop Chicks - Rose, florals, greens, fruity and musk.

No Bunny Like You - Strawberry, raspberry, pineapple, sugar cane, spun sugar, vanilla and light musk.

Over Easy Like Sunday Morning - Mandarin orange and sweet vanilla cake. Crumbled with caramel crust.

Petal To The Metal - Lemon zests, Italian mandarin, pineapple, coriander leaf, Jasmine Sambac, lavender, Bourbon Geranium, Rosewood and Cashmir Wood.

Sixlets - Sixlets Candy. Fruity and a hint of chocolate.

To Dye For - Red velvet crème, golden plum, sugared musk, pink jasmine and wild strawberries.

To Hip To Hop - Fresh strawberries, orange, sweet cream, vanilla and sugar crystals.


Don't Worry Be Hoppy - Dragon fruit, tropical fruits, sugared citrus, violet leaf, sweet Japanese quince, sun ripened cassis, sparkling pomelo, sun weathered driftwood, and mountain greens.