Day Drinking

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Scent Description

Avocado Marga-Tini - Top notes of peach, lemon and Juicy Lime. Middle notes of avocado, agave syrup and cilantro. Bottom notes of orange peel, tequila and salt.
Blood Orange Margarita - Juicy blood orange, navel orange, and lime for its top notes, an upscale Cointreau wine and tequila accord for a well rounded middle, with orange peel and sage sprigs as the bottom.
Bourbon Street - An intoxicating blend of pear and apple top notes followed by warm, slightly spicy alcoholic notes and sweet creamy bottom notes.
Caribbean Black Magic Sangria - Tropical notes of guava, tangerine are blended with ripe strawberry, refreshing black grapes, orange, black plum, apple and pineapple drenched in chilled red wine.
Champagne Showers DOTS - A delicious bubbly champagne filled with delightful hints of sweet fresh pear, green apple and a sprinkle of sweet strawberries. (A GREAT MIX IN FOR OTHER BAKERY AND FRUITY SCENTS)
Cherry Lime Twist - Sweet delicious cherries, citrusy lime and a tiny little hint of cotton candy in the bottom notes to balance the sweet and tart of cherry and lime. EXTREMELY STRONG!!
Mango Lime Martini - Top notes of Lancetilla mango, key lime, California lemon, and Italian mandarin, followed by middle notes of juicy orange, fresh garden mint, and warm woods, sitting on dramatic notes of lemon peel, vanilla sugar, and a gin accord.
Peach Bellini Bikini - Succulent white peach, valencia orange, and California lemon, followed by middle notes of orange zest, green berganot, and sparkling Procecco; sitting on base notes of apple peel, vanilla, and musk.
Pink Berry Mimosa - A playful combination of sweet strawberries, ripe raspberries, citrus peel and sparkling pink moscato.
Pink Raspberry Cosmo - Top notes of pink raspberry, Florida orange, and green lime juice, followed by middle notes of juniper berries, lemon zests, and a Triple Sec accord; sitting on intoxicating notes of violet leaves, a Vodka accord, and a dash of sugar.
Strawberry Champagne - Fresh, ripe strawberries, white grapes, and bergamot; cascading into middle notes of pink grapefruit, orange zests, bubbly champagne and base notes of rose petals, vanilla extract, and musk.
White Peach Sangria - ​Luscious medley of juicy strawberries, succulent pineapple, and ripe peaches is sweetened with alluring jasmine and creamy coconut and finished with a dry down of musk and a touch of basil.