Christmas Around The World Leftovers

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These are leftover Snap Bars from our Christmas Around The World Advent Box. This was the LAST Advent Box we were doing. Leftover quantities are limited. You may combine orders for Days 8- 14 (except Day 10), Days 15-21 and Days 22-24. No Day 25 will be available.

If you plan to order other days and want to hold your order, please leave a note when checking out.


Day 1 Ireland - Brown sugar and fresh baked bread.

Day 2 Germany - Fizzy soda, candy canes, candy apple and sweet & tart candy.

Day 3 Italy - Almond Biscotti.

Day 4 France - Chocolate cake, chocolate chips, crunchy toffee bits, vanilla creme, and butterscotch syrup.

Day 5 Brazil - Strawberry, guava, banana, peach, vanilla, caramelized sugar and honey.

Day 6 Mexico - Dulce de leche.

Day 7 Scotland - A spicy blend of clove leaf and peppercorn, deepened with a warm bourbon accord.

Day 8 England - Fruitcake and vanilla buttercream.

Day 9 Spain - Vanilla chestnut.

Day 10 Egypt - Scarab Bath Bomb from Lovegood Bath Potions.

Day 11 Kenya - Eucalyptus, banana, rosewood, barley, malt musk.

Day 12 Ethiopia - Cappuccino brulee.

Day 13 Russia - Peach skin, raw honey, star anise, leafy greens, soft florals, sweet grass, blonde cedar, sugared vanilla, white heliotrope and powdery musk.

Day 14 Lithuania - Vanilla, butter, cinnamon, sugar, warm apples, raisins, cranberries, fresh oranges, and baked bread.