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Wax Scents A thru M

#ThatsHowLoveWorks - Top notes of Bergamot, blackberry and kiwi. Middle notes of Orange, jasmine and lotus with dry notes of Amber, cedar wood and musk.

A Dicken’s Christmas - A scrumptious, nutty fruity marzipan and berry type with top notes of almond, nutmeg, coconut milk and wild berries. Middle notes of cinnamon and clove, with a super sweet, sugary vanilla and Tonka bean base with tiny hints of sandalwood.

A Walk Through The Orchard - A rich blood orange highlighted with notes of black raspberry and Mirabelle plum; the heart blends incense, pink peonies, and burgundy rose; the base is rounded out with nuances of dark vanilla bean, vetiver, balsam, and sensual musk. (Tiny Starts Tart)

Almond Orchard - Sweet vanilla milk with honey highlights and juicy, ripe crimson pears sprinkled in caramelized brown sugar with fresh churned maple butter, cinnamon, clove and subtle notes of almonds.

Avoda Kedavra - A unique blend of avocado, olive oil, lemongrass and musk.

Bicycle Built For Two - Top layer is bergamot, Meyer lemon and lemon zest. Middle notes of crushed poppy seed and vanilla orchid. Bottom notes of vanilla bean, sweet, fluffy marshmallow and a hint of sweet musk.

Black Lake - This fragrance begins with top notes of ocean mist, sea moss, and dewy cyclamen petals, followed by middle notes of geranium flower, water mint, and coriander seed; sitting on base notes of white cedarwood and earthy vetiver.

Cantucci - Rich caramel made with creamy butter and honey is combined with coconut, cinnamon, and velvety vanilla and enrobed in luscious chocolate and fluffy marshamallow whip.

Caramel Apple Pie - Granny smith apple with creamy, buttery caramel; dipped in crunchy toffee chips baked into grandma’s secret pie crust.

Cereal Killer - Top notes of sweet lemon and freshly baked cake are drizzled with buttery lemon and mandarin zest followed by middle notes of caramelized sugar and finishing with a creamy vanilla base note.

Date in Padua - This is an upscale blend of fresh, invigorating leafy greens& florals, basil, citrus, amber, and musk.

Defense of Fort McHenry - Hazelnut Fluff Creme Brulee August Scent of the Month 2018.

Dolores - A SUPER fruity strawberry with hints of peach, wild red berries, ripe, sweet banana with a teeny tiny hint of cinnamon blended with sweet buttery notes and fluffy vanilla cake.

Ellie - Mango, Toasted Marshmallow, Birthday Cake and Cotton Candy (Tiny Starts Tart)

Figment - Mango Dragonfruit with Coconut Milk.

First Kiss - Big fluffy marshmallows blended with luscious creamy cake batter, tropical fruits and sugared citrus (oranges, lemons, and limes) with violet leaf, sweet Japanese quince, sun ripened cassis, sparkling pomelo, sun weathered driftwood, redolent with lightly exotic mountain greens.

Frosty’s Cocktail - Sweet delicious pineapple juice, toasted coconut and orange zest make up the top notes. Middle notes of caramel, honeycomb and buttercream. Bottom notes of whipped marshmallows, a splash of Blue Curacao, sugar crystals and vanilla bean.

Good Tidings - Delicious cranberries and juicy orange slices blended with a buttercream frosted cupcake.

Grandma’s Candy Dish - Sugary sweet with fresh pineapple, banana, sweet mandarin, red ripe apples, maraschino cherry, grated coconut, fluffy marshmallows, sugar crystals and hints of whipped cream.

Hagrid’s Hut - This woodsy, masculine scent opens with hints of toasted, creamy marshmallow with intoxicating notes of burnt sugar, sticky sweet cocoa-vanilla, apples, pineapple, cinnamon, mint and finishes with a rich dry down of fir and cedar wood shavings, and a subtle hint of smoky firewood.

Harmony Barber Shop - A delightful salty & sweet caramel popcorn with notes buttery caramelized sugar, creamy vanilla, sea salt, amber and rum with a light top note of musk and Bay.

Hiking Through Monte Bianco - Floral and woodsy mountain air blended with a hint luscious creamy cake batter.

It’s A Wonderful Life - Top notes of orange peel, Italian Mandarin and Bergamot; Middle notes of bubbly pink champagne, pink marshmallow with bottom notes of spun sugar, vanilla beam and a hint of soft musk.

Kiss Me At Midnight - This sparkling, enticing scent opens with zesty citrus notes tempered by peppery warmth and a subtle brandied cherry note. Velvety notes of cognac, amber, and rye whiskey complete this bewitching libation for the senses. (Tiny Starts Tart)

Let's Cuddle - A scent both warm and sensual with aromatic rosewood and cedar leading to a deeply rich blend of spicy clove, everlasting vetiver, and dark amber. (Tiny Starts Tart)

Main Street Sugared Treats - Abundant with fresh oranges, grapefruit, strawberries, ripe melon, peaches and kiwi.....sprinkled with a touch of sugar. (PJP Dupe)

Mango-Tangos - Freshly baked sugar cookies with buttercream frosting and fresh notes of vanilla extract, Mango and Papaya.

Mika'sa Es Su Casa - Cherries, Strawberries, Powdered Sugar, Vanilla Pound Cake and Toasted Coconut (Tiny Starts Tart)

Mom’s Cinnamon Roll - Fresh baked cinnamon rolls fresh from the oven with lots of gooey vanilla frosting.

Mickey Beignets - A sweet, warm beignet with top notes of buttery cream, powdery sweet confectioner’s sugar, blended with orange citrus swirled with creamy vanilla.

Mollywobbles - Sweet bing cherries, sweet biscotti mix, hints of cinnamon and mimosa with a tiny whiff of coconut, Tonka bean, sweet creamy vanilla and cherry almond with creamy buttercream.

Moonstone Beach - Bright cassis, Damask Plums and Petitgrain; middle notes of oakmoss, super acai and red currants.  Bottom notes of hemp seed, hints of cannabis leaf and pink peppercorn. (Tiny Starts Tart)