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About Us

A little bit about our company. American Made Wax Co was born out of an idea that Shanel and her sister could offer a product that we know so many people already love, but with our own special touch added to it. Unfortunately, living coast to coast meant that it was a dream we’d have to fulfill without her sister, Leah. So for 6 months, we tested several wax bases until we came up with a blend we felt could produce an amazing throw as well as last. We finally felt comfortable enough to share our hard work with all of you. We opened our doors officially on April 13th , 2018. But we've had a love of wax for years. We started with scent shots and tarts for our wax. We’ve added Scent Sachets, as well as Cuticle Souffles to our product line. We do have plans to add two more products to our line in the future.


Scott's Family History

American Made Wax Co was named out of a love for our country and a love for wax. We are partly owned and operated by a 7th generation ancestor of Captain Daniel Boone. Scott's family’s lineage has been traced and dated back to the 1600s and also to the early American Revolutionary times in the 1700s before our great nation had declared independence from England. Scott's 7th Great Grandfather fought in both the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812. His brother, Captain Daniel Boone (my 7th great uncle, an American folklore hero), was a militia captain through both wars with his brother, including what is now known as the Whiskey Rebellion. Our family started out as settlers from Scotland in the 1600s and have fought in every major American conflict since 1776 up until the Vietnam War. Our family includes 2 purple heart recipients (one who fought at Pearl Harbor in 1941), a World War 2 Navy Chief and a USAF Senior Master Sergeant. Patriotism and service runs deep within Scott's family.

Significance of the Bee – The Bee is a nod to Shanel’s mom and sister who help inspire her each day.